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Watch this parody music video inspired
by Lady Ga Ga's music, paying homage to
Alice Paul and the generations of brave
women who joined together in the fight to
pass the 19th Amendment, giving women
the right to vote in 1920.

"Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage"
Women and men are equally capable as leaders, but women have been trained to be nice. Being nice can take us only so far then it trips us up. To be effective, we need to reach inside ourselves and realize that just as mothers would walk in front of a bus to save their child, so we each can find a similar passion and commitment that pushes us onward removing fear and doubt so we simply do what we know to be right. 

Do you have to be born a leader? Have a title? Be a man? A certain age? The answer is: no. Each of us has leadership potential within and when we do our inner work, we can be the leader of our family, company, or community.

Failure and mistakes are not generally accepted as the road to success, but they are often our most powerful tools to growth. Read how others, including Abraham Lincoln, used failed attempts to spur them on. Read stories of leaders and find out their secrets. Learn to recognize mercenaries and real leaders, and decide which you want to be.

There are challenges throughout the book that provide valuable lessons to enhance your leadership skills. In Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders:

  • The characteristics of effective leaders
  • 14 Exercises to guide you through your work in becoming a more effective leader
  • Discover that Caring is one of the keys to authentic leadership
Read stories of women leaders:
  • An artist who empowers children
  • A successful CEO who puts her family first
  • A divorced mother who reinvented herself to provide for her children
  • An actress turned successful business owner who heals a family rift
  • A child leader
  • A company leader who thinks empowering others is her main job
  • A world-renowned expert and author who puts her ego aside
  • A feminist who lets nothing stop her in her work to have women learn how to be safe
"We all have a back story, the failures and the poor decision making we recognise when we look back on our lives, and Pauline is refreshingly frank about her own ups and downs.  Her determination to step up and show responsibility is a practical manual in leadership skills which  will inspire and motivate many women."
— Karen Abrams
  Lawyer/Lecturer, U.K.
“Wow, at last! Here is a feminist voice that covers discrimination of all colors and sizes – bigotry against women, Jews, immigrants, having red hair, too little money and too much, fat, bossy. The list is endless.”
— Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning author of Imperfect Echoes

Our vision is that 50% of leaders are women.
Boards are more effective because women bring a different perspective
Businesses are more profitable when there are women included in top management
Conflict resolution is swifter and more permanent
Girls have role models to follow
Women are attracted to those organizations as members, consumers, and investors.

Women represent approximately 70% of the 1.2 billion people living in poverty throughout the world and they own only 1% of the world's wealth
Women lag behind men in control over essential resources:
    Cash Credit
    Property Land
    Wealth Access to material goods
Women are impoverished in:
    Literacy Education
    Skills Fair pay
    Mobility Political representation
    Employment opportunities
    Pressures on their available time and energy linked to gender role responsibilities
Take action to promote equal leadership
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